for the US Campaigns Project, you can email

Otherwise, the best bet is or

daniel.laurison [at] berkeley [dot] edu still works, but is mostly full of spam. should continue working indefinitely, but also has an auto-responder on because I don't check it that often. In case you're wondering, the "r" is for my middle name. While I was (and am) happy to have an actual PhD, I didn't choose the handle "Dr. Laurison."  

Also I am on twitter, and sometimes I tweet things: @daniel_laurison

And my google scholar page is here.

You could even try my office phone, which is 610-328-8638. 
And if you're on Swarthmore's campus, my office is 239 Kohlberg, and my office hours are Tuesdays 2:45 - 4:15 or so, and by appointment.