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LGBTQ People & Families

posted Nov 29, 2016, 7:06 PM by Daniel Laurison

-Trump can rescind Obama’s executive orders protecting these groups of people

-Can also appoint anti-LGBTQ/pro-”religious liberty” politicians and judges to positions in the executive branch and on the Supreme Court

-pending Congressional approval

-Trump has not been nearly as clear about this as his VP-elect Pence (who has been a “religious liberty” activist his entire political career)

-during the primaries, appealed to republican voters and promising to stay true to their “ideals” (which would suggest a lack of government protection for these groups)

-at convention, condemned the Orlando shooting, promising to protect this community, but then announced Pence as his VP pick

-now is saying that he does not want to overturn the Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage, saying that it is a finished argument

*Trump himself is very back-and-forth about the topic* so we shall see……