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Muslim Registry

posted Nov 29, 2016, 6:39 PM by Daniel Laurison

What is Trump allowed to do?

  • After 9/11 Bush made the NSEERS to target Muslims entering US and register Muslims.

  • Was legal, listed as a way to vet people entering from “high risk” countries, not religion.

  • Trump can do it via executive order and the department of Homeland Security

What does the Department of Homeland Security do?

  • Goal is to protect the country from terrorism using immigration laws, tight borders, etc.

  • Possible head David Clarke (Trump appointee)- African- American, anti-Black Lives Matter, told people to arm themselves

  • Idea of NSEERS was headed by Kris Kobach, Trump just met with him

What does Trump want to do?

  • Trump has not specifically endorsed a registry, said it would not be a bad idea

  • Campaign has stated that he does not support this, Trump did not specifically say he does not

  • Met with Kobach

Checks/possible roadblocks

  • Executive order, Congress can divert funds though

  • The Supreme Court can rule the act unconstitutional, but it lasted 9 years before