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The Environment

posted Nov 29, 2016, 6:24 PM by Daniel Laurison

The environment is not under as much threat as the media or even Trump wants us to believe. According to the Guardian, Trump does not hold as much power as thinks he does when it comes to the environment. Though he dismissed wind and solar energy, promised to abolish the EPA, cancel the Paris climate agreement and spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure, it is unlikely that most of these things will happen, if any happen at all. To abolish the EPA, Trump would need the support of Congress. While both houses are controlled by Republicans, the party is in need of 60 votes in the Senate to avoid a Democratic filibuster. In short, Trump cannot abolish the EPA without resistance from the Senate. Similarly, Trump’s plan to spend a trillion dollars on roads and infrastructure will likely be met with opposition from Congress, particularly the fiscally conservative Republican members. Though retreating from the Paris climate agreement may appear to give America more freedom and help Trump achieve his goal of an “energy independent USA”, this agreement creates a global market for clean energy and transportation technologies in which the US leads the world. So while Trump may be capable of leaving this agreement, it may not be the best move overall. Forbes is less optimistic about the above problems, arguing that “climate change policy and goals will evaporate, as will the Clean Power Plan, the Paris accords, any teeth in the Environmental Protection Agency, and any hope of a carbon tax” however the article focused more on and remained optimistic about renewable energy.