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Wars, NATO, Russia

posted Nov 29, 2016, 7:10 PM by Daniel Laurison

This Forbes article says that Trump could reduce the danger of war in Europe for the U.S for five reasons.  One is that he will seek common ground with Putin.  He also wants Europeans to take the lead in defending themselves because as of now the U.S provides over 70% of NATO’s military spending. Return to “speaking softly and carrying a big stick” rather than doing what this article is claiming the Obama administration is doing now: “speaking loudly and carrying a little stick.”


This article argues that because Trump will not want the U.S to continue its leadership in NATO that it can lead to a nuclear war with Russia.  This is because the article claims that NATO completely depends on the premise that the U.S will come to the aid of allies unconditionally.  And Trump being against this weakens the alliance.  Russia is more likely to invade the Baltic states if the U.S is unlikely to step in.  The article claims that any war with Russia will escalate to a nuclear war.  According to this article, if Trump does not change his position on the U.S in NATO, a nuclear war with Russia could occur.