More About Me

I was raised by a self-consciously working-class parent who belonged to a communist organization (in the 1980s! in the United States!), and who really believed in and was actively working towards a workers' revolution until sometime around 1989 (so far as I could tell). So while I didn't hold onto the particular Marxist-Leninist analyses/dogma I learned as a kid, my interests in politics and inequality and their causes and consequences were certainly shaped by that upbringing.  And maybe because of my mom's "opiate of the masses" comments and total uninterest in most culture not related to socialism, or maybe just because I'm me, I don't follow sports, or art or music or culture of any sort, or celebrities, or the latest literary sensation. 

I do have a few interests besides class and politics, though.  I like to read novels, but only if there's an actual plot, and not if everyone is mostly sad the whole time, and mostly science fiction of the sociologically-interesting thought experiment type. Also I like to garden and sometimes I knit things and I used to have backyard chickens.  

Mostly what I do outside work is: I have kids (two kids! born in 2007 & 2010) and they're great, and I love being a parent, and I can talk about kids and parenting and schools and kids' moods and babies and so on all day long.  

And also, I'm a transgender man (or FtM, or trans guy), which is important insofar as I was a queer butch woman through my late 20s, and taught feminist women's self-defense, so I have a lot of connection to queer/LGBT & feminist communities and lots to say about gender, transgender, and LGBT stuff.